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What’s digg?

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DiggDepends who you ask.

I think digg is a way to recommend ideas to others.

Diggocrats say that it’s a “digital media democracy” or a “user-driven social content website.” Woowoo. Hang on a minute.

Here’s how it works.
1. You get a free account at digg.
2. You read something on the web that you hope others will read.
3. You digg it with a simple click on its “digg this” button (or, if it’s not listed with digg, you list it and digg it – very easy).
4. Others scan the lists of stories coming onto digg, and read the ones that interest them. They digg.
5. Things bubble up – more diggs, more people think, “Hmm, maybe that’s one I should check out.”

More details at digg/about and How digg works.

But here’s the thing – when you see something here (or somewhere else) that makes you think, Oh, I wish more people knew that!” – digg it!

And more people will.

Want to see what I’ve dug? Click here. [Blog-writers: I’m just getting going at this – don’t be offended if you’re not there yet – you will be!]

Want to see a truly cool graphic representation of stories and diggs happening in real-time? Check out swarm. It will be the coolest thing you’ll see all day, guaranteed. Money-back.

Thanks for reading. And thanks for your diggs!

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Monte Asbury

Written by Monte

March 14, 2007 at 5:33 pm

A new look!

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Yup, it has a different “theme.” I like changing it. About when you get used to it, I guess, it’ll have a different one again. (Sincere apologies to my dear and most naturally conservative friend, Mary.)

There is good in it! Scan the horizon with me:
On the left, you can see all the recent posts at a glance. One click there will take you to any of them.
On the right (oh-Ho!) you can see all the recent comments! Now you can go directly to what others besides me have written. Again, just click on one, and you’ll go right to it. There will also be a place there to leave your own comment, if you like.  Just click where it says “No comments” or “1 Comment,” etc.
More fun than ever. Hope you like it and come by often.
I’d like to hear what you’re thinking.

Written by Monte

March 13, 2006 at 11:48 pm

Subscribe? Tag? Eh?

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Blogspeak for newbies:

If you would like to be notified when there’s a new post here, click on the Bloglines icon down below and open a free account with them. You can be notified thru email or via their “notifier” on your desktop, or at a “My page” site at Bloglines itself – your choice. There are a zillion other things you can connect to there, too (I get Dilbert).

At the end of some of my posts, you’ll see “Technorati tags.” If you click on one of these, it will take you to a list of other blogs that are talking about the same thing. Very neat.  See the Stillness post, below, for an example.
Try them! There’s a lot of wonderful insight out there! It’s all yours!

Written by Monte

March 13, 2006 at 4:17 pm

What we’re up to here …

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The smartest things my faith community ever pulled off were the ones we did together. When we took the time to hear from each other, wisdom emerged that was greater than any of us.

Why not hear from each other more often? Why not talk over the Scriptures before we finalize our worship plans? Imagine – what if many of us were merging our thoughts, listening for God’s voice? And what if our worship gatherings became times of “gathered” insight none of us could have had alone? Oh, yeah, I want to be there.

Each Monday, Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Monte

February 2, 2006 at 6:04 pm