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Palestinian Loss of Land and American Manifest Destiny

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If it were, say, Iowa, and Century Farmers had been evicted at gunpoint since WWII by more recent immigrants, things would look mighty different. (h/t Clipmarks friend Jimbo1000)
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Palestinian Loss of Land 1946-2005

four maps of shrinking Palestine
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Native Americans flee from the allegorical rep...
Image via Wikipedia

Tragically, Israelis may owe much to an American model. Their expansion so reminds me of the American doctrine called Manifest Destiny. It assumed all the territory that would become the USA was divinely given to white people. MD was used to justify the moving, killing, containment and lasting impoverishment of Native Americans. Indeed, westward expansion’s completion and total dominance of the indigenous people of the contiguous United States (not to mention Hawaii and Alaska) was only thirty years old at Israel’s birth in 1946: about as recent in American memory as the Vietnam conflict is today.

I would guess that the writings of the Hebrew Bible were used to encourage westward expansion in the USA; they are still, of course, the claim some Zionists stake (and some evangelicals support) to all the territory in and around Israel.

Such dominance—in either American or Israeli history—is starkly at odds with the ways of Jesus Christ, of course.

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  14. […] S-townMike wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptPalestinian Loss of Land and American Manifest Destiny If it were, say, Iowa, and Century Farmers had been evicted at gunpoint since WWII by more recent immigrants, things would look mighty different. (h/t Clipmarks friend Jimbo1000) clipped from Palestinian Loss of Land 1946-2005 Image via Wikipedia Tragically, Israelis may owe … Read the full post from Monte Asbury’s Blog Tags: Politics, Race, Religion, Poverty, History, Israel, Terrorism, Islam, Middle East, usa, UNITED STATES, Gaza, Hamas, jesus, Native Americans, World War II, Old Testament, Ethnicity, manifest destiny, Warfare and Conflict, Native Americans in the United States via Blogdigger blog search for immigration. […]

  15. that’s a gruesomely to the point graphic…thanks..


    January 16, 2009 at 12:45 pm

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