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Yup, it has a different “theme.” I like changing it. About when you get used to it, I guess, it’ll have a different one again. (Sincere apologies to my dear and most naturally conservative friend, Mary.)

There is good in it! Scan the horizon with me:
On the left, you can see all the recent posts at a glance. One click there will take you to any of them.
On the right (oh-Ho!) you can see all the recent comments! Now you can go directly to what others besides me have written. Again, just click on one, and you’ll go right to it. There will also be a place there to leave your own comment, if you like.  Just click where it says “No comments” or “1 Comment,” etc.
More fun than ever. Hope you like it and come by often.
I’d like to hear what you’re thinking.

Written by Monte

March 13, 2006 at 11:48 pm

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  1. Well Mary is not the only one that has hard time with change. Me too!! There are so many places to see new stuff. And I just figured out the other format, expecting it to last for ever. What happens if I click on this…. oops here I gooo.

    So I came here today, to this blog, expecting God to work on my heart some how, and sure enough He did. The issue of the week’s message is not the issue(for me). Instead, once again, He gives me a simple place to trust Him and He gives me His confidence to try new stuff. He really is big enough to protect me, even from looking silly. Not a big spiritual insight, just another brick in the wall of my trust.

    Oh that’s right, trust is the issue for the week. See there He brings unity thu His Spirit even without me trying for it. HeHeHeee He is so cool!


    March 15, 2006 at 3:16 pm

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