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Media: GOP ‘death panel’ claims like insisting ‘the earth is flat’

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Outstanding video:  News media anchors express astonishment that GOP leaders (Iowa’s own Chuck Grassley being today’s lead) would be so brazen as to fabricate the “death panel” scare.  It’s like insisting “that the earth is flat.”

The truth? A Republican Congressman wrote a provision into one of the House bills calling for insurance payment to be available to people who want to consult their physician about making a living will.

That’s it.   The rest is simply made up.  There is no government involvement at all.

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Ads target GOP senators who might block stimulus bill

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After the bill passed the House without Republican support, a series of ads and publicity campaigns will ask voters to contact GOP senators, enlisting their support.  This one’s directed toward Iowa‘s Chuck Grassley:

Tax cuts and smaller government won’t put people back to work, won’t create demand for manufactured or retail goods, won’t rebuild our nation’s infrastructure, won’t forestall home foreclosures, won’t return money to retirement portfolios, won’t help people get the education they need to care for their families.

Every economist that I’ve read sees stimulus as the best hope for stopping our economic free-fall.  Is this the time for ideological mantras —and partisan politics—or for taking our best shot, together?

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Written by Monte

January 29, 2009 at 2:40 pm