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Americans of a Lesser God?

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I came across this honest piece at the excellent Blog for Iowa.  Sounds like it was originally published in my home-town newspaper, The Burlington Hawk-Eye.  [That’s beautiful Burlington,  left, at the top.]

I had the following published in the Burlington newspaper last Saturday. I offer it here for people to use, distribute further, etc. My essay is a little long and rambling, but I have been silent too long. And we dare not lose this fight.

David Ure
Burlington, Iowa

~To what lesser God do those people who have no health care insurance belong? What sin did they commit? I have no doubt some of them have made mistakes, made bad choices, engaged in illegal or immoral activities in some instances, didn’t get themselves elected to the state house or Congress; but not all 47 million plus.

The time has come, if we are to continue to call ourselves a nation of God and faith and fairness, for every American to have health insurance. My preference is to plop everyone into Medicare whose operational costs are half to 2/3 lower than the private sector, and allow the insurance companies the opportunity to sell all of us supplemental policies as my elderly, now long-gone, relatives purchased for years.

But I won’t say it has to be this way or nothing. More than anything else, I want to see coverage in place for everyone, and for it to be there in as direct and obvious a manner as can be cobbled together.

Am I calling for a national health care plan? Not necessarily. What I am asking for is a national health care policy that is fair for all and covers all, those with pre-existing conditions and those lucky souls who are healthy as a horse.

Is this socialism? Nah. No more than my paying taxes for road construction when I’ll never drive on 99% of the roads that are spread across this state and nation.

Will it be managed care? Yeah, but if you don’t think we’ve had managed care for years then you have:

– Never lost 18 months of your life when your insurance company forced you to take a different set of medicines for a chronic condition instead of the one group of drugs that was finally found to work after 8 years of uncertainty, frustration, and pain.

– Never known someone who didn’t take that better job, either because the new employer didn’t offer insurance to their employees or provided insurance that wouldn’t cover what was really needed.

– Never had a friend who was a Korean War veteran and life-long educator who had to declare bankruptcy when his medical expenses overwhelmed his savings.

– Never known anyone who was never sick a day in their lives and who died suddenly of cancer or a heart attack because they lacked medical coverage and had never been able to take advantage of regular checkups.

No thanks and no more. I’ll take my chances with whatever plan gets patched together in D.C. And pray to God that America takes one more giant leap in becoming a nation truly blessed with life, liberty, and health care for all.

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