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GOP Rep despairs over public option savings

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Will the GOP and conservadems protect rich health insurance companies from competition?  Or consumers from high prices?
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Minnesota Representative John Kline recently went on Minnesota Public Radio to despair over the way the public option would save his constituents money:

“There are some things in this legislation that I find particularly troublesome,” … “[O]ur fear is that if you actually get in there looking at the legislation that it’s set up in a way that employers would increasingly opt to letting their employees move over to the… public option. And because it is cheaper, it’s designed to save money, which the government-run program has some very clear advantages. […]

Brian Beutler at TPM adds:

I assume that public opinion polling must show overwhelmingly that Americans want to pay more for health care so that insurance companies don’t have to contend with a superior, cheaper competitor. Otherwise it’s hard to understand Kline’s statements anything other than a call to subsidize insurance companies […]

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  1. I am really touched by Republican concerns for the Insurance Industry.
    I wish they had as much concern for the average American.
    But then again, the average American can’t fill Republican war chests like the Insurance industry.

    Republicans are less concerned that Americans would be getting such a good deal from a public plan and more concern that they would choose to drop their private health care coverage.

    Of course that’s understandable since Republican senators enjoy one of the best public health care plans available…the plan carved out for federal employess. A plan where the taxpayer picks up the tab for $3 of every $4 of a Republican legislators health care premiums.

    What I wouldn’t give for a plan like that.

    Norris Hall

    July 15, 2009 at 12:29 am

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