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40 percent of low-income Americans have no health insurance

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One-third of the un-insured have a chronic disease; they are six times less likely to receive health-care services than those with insurance.

Equal opportunity? Can they compete, on the job, with people who have health care and aren’t sick?

I’ll bet you know someone (I sure do) who’s un-insured, who goes to work in chronic pain, and who dares not get help. They can’t risk a “pre-existing condition” label that might make them un-insurable later.

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Forty percent of low-income Americans do not have health insurance,” says a report released yesterday by the Department of Health and Human Services. “Approximately one-third of the uninsured have a chronic disease and they are six times less likely to receive health-care services than those with insurance,” the report found. Read the full report here.

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Written by Monte

June 12, 2009 at 9:36 am

Posted in Politics

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  1. Prayer is my insurance with bankruptcy as a back-up plan. Pre-existing conditions make me uninsurable in the private sector. (Well that’s not true….when I gave it up three years ago it had gone from eight hundred bucks per month to eleven hundred. With a 5000 dollar deductible. While I readily admit that I have should have been more concerned about my health in my youth and taken better care of it. But that’s water under the bridge.
    The far left think health care should be free for everyone and the far right think it’s only for those who can afford it. I hope that someday someone is able to make sense out of it. Not for my future but for the future of this nation.

    Rick Reiley

    June 12, 2009 at 5:48 pm

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