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Maine House of Representatives votes merger with Senate

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Is the bicameral legislature a legacy of the era of wealthy landowners?
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Freakonomics - New York Times Blog

Consolidate That Government!

[…] Maine’s House of Representatives voted this week to merge itself with the state Senate, creating one unicameral body, potentially saving taxpayers $11 million each two-year legislative session. But the cost savings are secondary, supporters of the plan say, to the real goal of bringing state government into line with modern times. Maine state representative Joseph Wagner called the state Senate a “colonial legacy” of the state’s early days, in which the upper chamber was “a council of [the state’s] wealthiest landowners.” […]

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That’s a pile of money saved for other things.  Wonder how the new body would be elected—like a Senate or a House—for that decision will shape who holds the power.

How does it strike you?

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Written by Monte

June 11, 2009 at 9:47 am

Posted in Politics

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