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Medicare: Government does it right

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True Conservative tells how Medicare‘s clarity and excellence simplified the inefficient mess made by private insurers and providers as he audits his grandmother’s statements:
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I recently had occasion to go through two years of my 84-year-old mom’s medical and insurance statements […]
All I can say is, thank god for Medicare. […]

The bills and statements from private providers and private insurers were nightmarish–mostly just dollar amounts (often lacking dates of service) attached to cryptic codes–often providers’ internal codes unrelated to standard practice codes […]

Happily, the Medicare statements made it easy. They are clear, well-laid out, and fully informative (in plain English)

Thanks to the Medicare statements, I got the job done in a few hours.

Then […] time to choose a Medicare drug plan for my mom. Guess what? Medicare has the best insurance comparison engine, hands-down, anywhere on the web […] No private entity is offering anything even approaching this site […]

So when somebody tells you that you can’t trust governent to do anything right…well, you won’t convince them because it’s a faith-based belief…but you can take comfort in knowing that they’re just plain wrong.

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