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2008 Ministerial Credentials Information Letter

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Iowa Nazarene Licensed Ministers:

It’s Time to Renew Your Iowa District Minister’s License

I’m looking forward to hearing what God has shown you this year, when we get together for the Iowa District Ministerial Credentials and Studies Boards interviews on Saturday, May 17, 2008 at Eastside Church of the Nazarene, 1541 E. 25th St., Des Moines, IA.

Your District Minister’s License is a one-year credential. You may apply to renew it (or apply for a first-time license), by following the following steps:

1. Get us a recommendation from your pastor and church board.

2. If you are a student, get transcripts of your work to the District Ministerial Studies Board.

3. Request an interview time on-line or by phone by May 1.

3. Complete the attached application and email it back to me by May 1.

4. Meet us in Des Moines at your interview time on May 17.

Here are the details:

1. Ask your pastor for a recommendation

If you are not currently as a senior or paid staff pastor:

a. We need the recommendation of the pastor and church board of the church where you hold membership. I’ll email forms to all Iowa pastors, but you are responsible to see that it happens. Make your request ASAP, for he/she needs time to meet with the church board.

b. Have the form mailed to me by the 1st of May.

If you are serving as a senior or paid staff pastor, the District Advisory Board will take care of this for you. You need no other recommendation.

2. Report your studies

Rev. Gary Snook, the Secretary of the District Ministerial Studies Board (which also meets on May 17th), asks me to remind you that every student who has not yet graduated from Studies needs to document completion of at least two courses via transcript to the MSB’s registrar, Glenn Kell. Do contact Gary at <> with studies-related questions.

Students who have not completed the minimum annual study requirement are obliged by our Manual to submit a written explanation. Please e-mail it to Gary by May 1, and copy me in.

3. Reserve your interview time

a. Visit the appointments page on the web (click here), and follow the instructions listed there. Call me if you have no web access.

b. Please be signed up by May 1. Naturally, the sooner you sign up, the more likely you’ll get the time you want.

c. If you are married and applying for ordination or your first license, your spouse is asked to attend with you.

4. Complete your application form

a. How to fill out the attached forms is described below.

b. Email your application back to me by May 1 (or print and mail it so I have it then.)

c. Ordination candidates: If you feel you have met the requirements in the Manual for ordination, and wish to apply, please return both the renewal application and the ordination application. Contact Garey Miller, District Superintendent, ASAP, (<>) if you plan to apply for ordination.

5. Join us at Eastside on May 17th. Preparation tips:

a. While first-time applicants and ordination candidates should expect discussion to cover a wide range of issues, this year’s conversation with renewal candidates will focus on your own call from God to the ministry. Please come ready to tell us about how God called you to ministry, and how that call has matured this year.

b. Before you come, please re-read sections 400 through 438.5 (on the ministry) in the Manual.

Drop me an email if you have any questions. It is an honor to serve you!


Monte Asbury, Secretary
Iowa District Board of Ministerial Credentials

Instructions from the General Secretary’s Office on the use of the application forms:

These forms are in Adobe Acrobat and Word format. You will need one of these programs. If you are going to use Adobe Acrobat Reader (which we recommend), you will need to download the latest version to fill out the forms. The Adobe Acrobat Reader and updates are free to download from You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader version 8, which is the latest release. You will be able to fill out the forms on the computer, and print them or e-mail them (you must use the “action” buttons at the top of the page to print or e-mail). You will not be able to save the files in Adobe. You will only be able to print the form. Please proof the form before you close the file. If you choose to use the Word format, you will be able to fill in, print, and save these files. But please remember to change the name of the file or you will lose the original form.

Navigation in the forms:

• Use the tab key or mouse to move from one field to another. (both)
• Please click in the Yes/No, Male/Female etc. check boxes. (both)
• Only Print or E-mail by using the “action” buttons on the top of the page (Adobe only)
• There are currently lines in case someone wishes to fill out the form by hand, once you type in the form the lines go away. (Word only)
• Remember to save your files under a different name, i.e. LowenbergSarah-minapp06. If you do not do this, your original form will now always be a copy of one particular minister’s information. (Word only)
You must sign the forms. Do not type your name on the Signature line.

Do not type your name on the Signature line. [I’ll give you hard copy to sign at your interview]

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