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Senator Clinton, does lying have no limits?

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Presidents lie, I guess: LBJ on the Gulf of Tonkin. Nixon on Watergate. Reagan denied involvement in Iran-Contra. Clinton “did not have sex with that woman” (lots of people pay good money to not have sex like that). GWB about … oh, forget it (some of my conservative friends still believe Bush’s statements were well-intentioned mistakes, to which I say, “Dear ones, you are not looking.”)

It comes hard to me to admit all this. I clung to hope that Bush was honest much longer than I should have. It still disappoints me (yes, I’m naive and stupid.)

But friends, Hillary did not mis-speak. In her prepared comments, starting in January, and even after being called on it, she repeated a fairy tale that cast herself as a hero, bravely landing under fire, running for cover. As the girl from the Tuzsla airport recently said, “It is an ugly thing for a politician to tell lies.” Hillary brushed it off as unimportant, just a blip, a result of lack of sleep. Since January. In prepared remarks.

Let me ask you, do you accidentally tell stories about yourself running from gunfire? Wouldn’t people doubt your competence if you did?

Check me out. Here are two reporters’ takes on it. See what you think.

It does appear that Hillary’s trust numbers have fallen a bit. But I am baffled: Why on earth would anyone vote to put someone who so blatantly lies—or has so lost touch with reality—in the White House? Would it be good for feminism for the first female President to be untrustworthy? Would it strengthen trust in the USA around the world? Would her positions prove legit? Would the Progressive agenda grow in stature? How can any of it be trusted? After all, she lied for personal political gain, not to protect a state secret here. What possible motive would she have for not doing so in the future?

I disagree with McCain on every issue that comes to mind, but I believe Hillary to be ethically unqualified. With Bush, we weren’t so sure till later. With Clinton, we know in advance. Save us from liars.

Enough of that, time to lighten up. Here are two splendid short parodies of Hillary’s raid on Bosnia. If you can’t make fun of lying, why did God invent satire?

Thanks for watching!

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Written by Monte

April 1, 2008 at 12:19 am

4 Responses

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  1. Does lying have no limits for Hellary Clinton?
    The answer would be NO.

    I “embellish” and use hyperbole for the sake of humor when I write, but even I have never claimed to have dodged bullets.

    Stopped them with my massive, burly chest, yes. And I do have X Ray vision and super human strength.

    DGs World By Big D

    April 2, 2008 at 11:42 am

  2. […] 1st, 2008 · No Comments Jill wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptI disagree with McCain on every issue […]

  3. I know…So I guess the lesson learned is that we can’t trust Hillary. Of course I don’t know who the heck we CAN trust. Right now my candidate is McSame, I just can’t quite vote for Obama. ALTHOUGH, I can tolerate him as president.


    So far, to me, Obama appears to be the most ethically distinguished. It’s not been a campaign of wrestling in the dirt, as the media have maintained, but mostly one of HRC tossing mudballs and Obama defending his record. He has also called some attention to her many distortions – eg., that she is experienced in foreign policy. And he hasn’t been perfect. But he has vastly understated the case he could make against her. His leadership on race has had a rather profoundly helpful affect on the race dialogue (even on this blog). And the fact that she’s thrown so many airballs suggests that she’s not able to dig much up.

    As for McCain – I worry about how many will die. He is determined that we’ll not make “the Vietnam mistake” – that we’ll win at any cost, this time. But an immoral fight can only beget an immoral victory, bought with more blood, and mostly of civilians. That he pitches himself as a family candidate – having cheated on and dumped his former wife – seems questionable. And that he pitches himself as a maverick – having achieved the highest pro-Bush voting record in the Senate, according to – seems questionable, too. I think he is a likable guy who is rather dangerous to the world and not who he appears to be.

    I’d much rather have Obama answering the 3 AM phone call; he is not so quick to believe that war will subdue – let alone heal – that which causes violence against us. Listen to the Jeremiah Wright clip, by the way – he makes a pretty strong case for a relevant point.


    April 1, 2008 at 11:21 am

  4. Once, when I was in Cedar Rapids, IA (my hometown), I drove through the downtown ghetto and ended up in the middle of a gang war. I dodged a few bullets. I saved a couple of other innocent bystanders. I was really scared. It was no big thing, I mean anyone would have done the same thing. I finally made it back to First Ave safe and sound.


    Once, when I was in Kansas City (near where I live now), I drove through the downtown ghetto and ended up in the middle of a gang war. I dodged a few bullets. I saved a couple of other innocent bystanders. I was really scared. It was no big thing, I mean anyone would have done the same thing. I finally made it back to I-35 safe and sound.


    Oh wait, I mispoke, I meant that I have driven through those places, stopped and chatted with people. It was a really long time ago really. Oh well, no biggie.


    Monte Says: And your daughter was with you, and you stood out in the open, and a little girl came up and read you a poem, and a famous comedian and a world-renowned singer were with you, and you all had a good time.
    Except for the bullets, of course.

    She prefaces all this with how they said that if it were too dangerous for the President, they’d send her. That makes him look like a big-hearted fellow, don’t you think? “That’s too dangerous for me. Let’s send Hillary.”


    April 1, 2008 at 8:57 am

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