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Vets now 26% of homeless

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200,000 veterans have been homeless at some point in the past year, and … veterans make up 26% of the homeless, even though they are only 11% of the population.
Ironically, among the best things you can do to support the veterans is to give regularly to your local homeless shelter. …
Health care for the Iraq veterans that actually is proffered by the US government will cost Americans at least $650 billion, or over $2,000 each. And even then there will be all those tens of thousands of homeless vets whose lives have been wrecked.

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Perhaps enlistment contracts should have consumer warnings like this:

Likelihood of military service ruining your life is much higher than casualty figures suggest. Expect increased risk of divorce, job loss, emotional instability, and homelessness.

I’ll guess those are things the all-volunteer military’s recruits don’t know are part of the deal. And Congress doesn’t seem to consider them when permitting troops to be taken to war.

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Written by Monte

November 26, 2007 at 4:49 pm

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