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Koreans make peace when no one else will

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Korean citizens, long in the shadow of a war made by others, decide that if peace won’t come to them, they will become peace. Click here to read the whole piece. As with most of Joan Chittister’s writing, it is inspiring.

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peacebellKorea is involved in the longest unfinished war in modern history. Caught between the interests of the Four Great Powers — China, Japan, Russia and the United States — the Korean War, an appendage to World War II — a by-product of World War II — broke out in June 1950 to stop the spread of Communism in the region and, at the same time, to secure a foothold for the West in Asia. “We never went to war ourselves,” the Koreans say. “We have only fought surrogate wars.”
one day in 2005 … the local mayor … and the local philosopher … determined that if peace would not come to Hwacheon, Hwacheon would become it themselves. ( “Peace begins in Hwacheon,” they decided, “in Hwacheon, the Peace Capital of the World.”
To prove it, they would create a World Peace Bell out of spent cartridges from around the world. They would begin to turn the DMZ, a monument to death, into a Wildlife Preserve. And they would become a center for the study of the relationship between ecology and peace, with the otter, an endangered species in their midst, as the symbol of it. “After all,” they tell you, “bells can be heard across borders and otters swim freely on both sides of the DMZ because they cannot be stopped by wire and dams.”

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Hmm. Where does peace begin?

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Written by Monte

November 8, 2007 at 6:21 pm

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