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Man acquitted of feeding homeless, city says it will continue enforcing law

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City Says They Will Continue Enforcing Mass Feeding Ordinance

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — The city of Orlando is vowing to continue enforcing its ban on mass feedings of the homeless at city parks, despite a major blow to the law in Orange County court.
Even though prosecutors had video and police testimony indicating Eric Montanez was breaking the law by feeding the homeless, he was found not guilty on Tuesday as the first person charged with violating a city ban on mass feedings of the homeless at city parks. It took the jury around three hours to return their verdict.Wednesday, five more ‘Food Not Bombs’ members will be in court for a pre-trial hearing.
Police released a statement saying the city will continue to enforce the ordinance. They said it’s needed to balance the needs and safety of residents visiting the park.Montanez, meanwhile, has vowed to continue feeding the homeless.

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Let me get this straight. Residents of Orlando who do not have homes cannot have their needs addressed in a safe public park, because their presence might hinder the needs and safety of other residents of Orlando who do have homes.

Not much question who this law protects, huh?

Can you feature Jesus Christ obeying it? “Oh, excuse me, officer! Certainly, yes sir, I agree that God favors civil order, and I understand completely that the parks must be reserved for frisbee and sunbathing for people with money. Yes, sir, I can see how the presence of homeless people might make recreation less enjoyable.”

Tell it to the Pharisees he ripped into. They claimed he’d broken the law by healing suffering people on the Sabbath, when they were supposed to be free of such burdens.

Reminds me of a song I heard: “If loving God was a crime / I’d be an outlaw.”

I hope I would.

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Written by Monte

October 13, 2007 at 6:02 pm

Posted in Jesus, Ministry, Poverty

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  1. That Clipmark thing looks very useful, so I joined. Do you hav e a username there, so I could link to you?

    Monte says: Hi Steve, yes, I’m masbury there, too. It is packed with good stuff! You can also check out the people I’ve linked to in the Clipmarks world, many of whom find really excellent clips. Good luck!


    October 27, 2007 at 4:20 am

  2. Don’t feed the homeless!!! We don’t want to alter the way they live in their natural habitat. If you feed them, they’re gonna stop hunting for food and always expect you to give them your crackers when you come to the park. (Is this any different than we treat animals?)

    Monte Says: Good comment, DB! You hit the nail on the head!


    October 13, 2007 at 10:45 pm

  3. Praise the LORD!!!
    Amen. I agree 100%, our LORD would of really stood against a law such as this one. Thanks for opening up the issue to a larger group of people. Those that have made negative comments this man’s act of kindness, better pray that they never end up homeless!
    GOD bless and good day,
    Rev. Barth
    Vine of CHRIST Ministries

    Monte Says: Thanks, Rev. Barth! I’ve been to your website; it’s obvious you aren’t just talking! Thank you for your work; an honor to have you stop by.

    Rev. Barth

    October 13, 2007 at 7:08 pm

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