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Evangelicals and universal healthcare

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Intriguing thoughts at God’s Politics, for those with interest in Christian ideology and healthcare, by an evangelical seminary professor:

Chuck Gutenson: Is Universal Healthcare Unbiblical?

The question of universal healthcare is shaping up to be a rather serious focus in this election cycle. With costs out of control and each year seeing more and more of us without access to affordable health insurance or health care, many see universal health coverage as the best (and, perhaps, only) longer term solution to the problem. This piece on NPR focused on the difficulties of “making ends meet without health insurance.” It isn’t a pretty sight.

While many Christians embrace the extent to which this, too, is a moral issue, sadly we still have those who seek to erect ideological boundaries by misusing scripture. On my blog, I examine one of the common arguments against universal health care offered by a writer on the Religious Right. This writer seems to think that the primary motivators of a biblical position is one that is driven by “tough love” and “personal responsibility.” Yet:

Throughout the bible, God continually models giving people far better than they deserve. In fact, if one looks at Jesus’ own ministry wherein he feeds the hungry, heals the sick, and both characterizes and models God as one who blesses others without regard to merit (in the Sermon, God’s goodness itself is characterized as blessing without regard to merit), the value system espoused by this writer would make Jesus, oddly, pretty unbiblical! […]

Read the rest at God’s Politics. Grace to you!

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Written by Monte

July 28, 2007 at 1:06 pm

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  1. Monte,

    This is good stuff…you know, I’m coming out of the religious right (really by default – not that it makes me less guilty haha)…sort of pulling my head out of the sand on these kinds of issues. It has been interesting in certain Scriptures I’ve read that the Lord seems to delight in “justice”. Well, in the past I have always thought of this concept in terms of retribution…and I certainly think the Lord does delight in retribution being carried out (to some degree? particularly, in the end He will). However, I think now that perhaps God’s concept of justice also very much includes that peoples be treated with equity…not because we deserve to be treated well – none of us do…but because HE is gracious, we should be as well regardless of whehter one takes personal responsibility or not…I think this applies in the situation of healthcare as well as homelessness. We will often convince ourselves not to help because one hasn’t helped oneself – but praise God He didn’t withhold His aide from sinners who desperately needed Him yet didn’t even WANT His help to start with…

    whew…thanks Monte – you post the coolest thought provoking stuff that really challenges and encourages me!!!

    Monte says: Thank you, Karen. Sounds like we are on a very similar journey! After preaching through Luke this year, I’m awakening to how very often Jesus opposes the rich, powerful, and religious – and how, in worldwide terms, it’s me.


    July 28, 2007 at 4:05 pm

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