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Whew, check this out! Here’s a list of common grammar snags from the masthead at LousyWriter. Helped me!

GRAMMAR MISTAKES > Attraction > ALONE (usage) > AND relative > Broken Construction > Difficult Words > Double Negative > Each, Every, Either, Neither (usage) > First Personal Pronoun > Ellipses > Loose Participles > NONE (usage) > ONE (usage) > ONLY (usage) > Past Tense > Prespositions > Pronouns > Redundancies > Sequence of Person > Split Infinitive > Tenses > A or AN? > AM COME or HAVE COME? > BETWEEN or AMONG? > EACH OTHER or ONE ANOTHER? > EAT or ATE? > FLEE or FLY? > FURTHER or FARTHER? > IN or INTO? > LAY or LIE? > LESS or FEWER? > NEITHER or NOR? > OTHER or ANOTHER? > RISE or RAISE? > SAYS or SAID? > SUMMON or SUMMONS? > THAT or SO? > THESE or THOSE? > THIS MUCH or THUS MUCH? > THROUGH or THROUGHOUT? > UNDENIABLE or UNEXCEPTIONABLE? > VOCATION or AVOCATION? > WAS or WERE?

I’ll put it in my links (under Web and Blog resources) in case you want to find it later.

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Written by Monte

June 23, 2007 at 12:16 pm

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