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Conservatives seek no-wiretap promise: Romney declines

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How odd it is, to be cheering political liberals one day, and conservatives like those below the next. Who can explain this phenomenon?

At any rate, I found the following a heartening development:

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WASHINGTON — A new political group recently asked Mitt Romney to promise not to wiretap Americans without a judge’s approval or to imprison US citizens without a trial as “enemy combatants.” When Romney declined to sign their pledge, the group denounced him as “unfit to serve as president.”
…these critics, who call their organization American Freedom Agenda, are hardly leftists. They represent what they insist is a growing group of disaffected conservatives who are demanding that the Republican Party return to its traditional mistrust of concentrated government power.[…]
Other points in the pledge include renouncing the use of presidential signing statements to claim a right to disobey laws; ending threats to prosecute journalists who write about classified matters; and promising to use regular courts rather than military commissions to try terrorism suspects. The full pledge is posted on the group’s website,…

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June 14, 2007 at 12:59 pm

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