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“And whoever the angels are who helped with this …”

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Some friends with generous hearts stepped in to help a boy. Here’s the story, and then a thought:

From: Heather Lujano/To: Kelly Swift/Subject: student wellness

Hi Kelly,

Thanks to the WCSD [Washington Community School District] Student Wellness fund, who assisted a 10 year old … student in avoiding having a deformed finger!

Single parent (working) family: Student was injured at school; student has no insurance and is not eligible for Title XIX (because his immigration case has not yet been approved by US gov’t. I believe he has been waiting since he was 4 or 5 years old for petition to be approved). […] Growth plate was affected in the injury and student was seen locally through a voucher from Washington County Public Health, which paid $99 of care here in town. Due to growth plate situation, student was sent to UIHC [University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics] for specialist care. Due to not having insurance, patient was asked to bring $200 to appt as a downpayment, because there would possibly be surgery involved.

That $200 from the wellness fund helped this student get the specialized care that was needed! Student’s mom said to me, “Thank you so much, Heather and whoever the angels are who helped with this! It has been here in Washington that people have been willing to help others when they needed it, and I am so glad they helped our family.” […]

Heather Lujano

Way to go, friends! Thank you for caring.

And yet, I wonder … Why is it that it takes community heroes to get medical care for innocent children? I suspect that only in the USA, of all the developed nations, does a child go untreated if no volunteer steps up.

Free-market dogmatism has left us with a singularly heartless—or, from a pastor’s perspective, godless—approach. Can we change that?

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Written by Monte

May 28, 2007 at 12:15 pm

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