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Muslims terrorize Europe!!! Well, um, . . . no.

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Fanonite quotes Kristoffer Larsson on Europol’s release of terrorism data for last year:

There were 498 incidents in eleven EU countries last year labelled as “terrorist attacks.” The Basque separatist group ETA did best (136 terrorist attacks) and was responsible for the only deadly attack, killing two in Madrid. The remaining 497 fortunately cost no human lives.

How about the Islamic terrorists then? Considering the perpetual warnings in our daily papers, the findings in the Europol report is, to say the least, surprising. The truth is that Islamists only carried out one out of the 498 terrorist attacks in the European Union in 2006. Don’t believe me? The entire report is available on Europol’s website. Had Islamic fundamentalists been behind a higher number of attacks-say 136-it would have been front page news at every big daily. One attack is simply too few–it won’t do if the image of an “Islamic threat” is to live on….

In plain English: Muslims are a group causing very little terrorism in Europe, while at the same time much more likely to be arrested on suspicion of it. …

One. Of four hundred ninety eight.

Remember that. Some want us to be frightened, to beef up the military, to drain the funds that care for the poor and heal the sick and feed the hungry in order to fight this supposed great clash of civilizations known as “The War On Terror.”

Let’s not.

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Written by Monte

April 22, 2007 at 5:13 pm

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