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TransfigurationTerrific writing from Lawrence at Disclosing New Worlds this week regarding the transfiguration of Jesus. Go over and check it out – it left me with a pounding heart. Here’s a sample:

“The dark clouds of the Passion are beginning to mass. The gospel’s ‘weather’ has changed. The earlier optimism which we readers felt is beginning to chill around the edges. And here, on the mountain, Jesus, Moses and Elijah are speaking about ‘the departure that he was about to accomplish at Jerusalem.’

“The point, therefore, is that this is the moment in the gospel when the inevitability of disaster is confirmed. … It’s a headline moment – ‘The cross is confirmed! It’s a goer!’ That changes things dramatically. There isn’t any more open-endedness about this story – however much we and the disciples might continue to look for it. It changes Jesus’ mission, too: the liberative mission has been transformed into the Way of the Cross. It is the encounter between Jesus, Moses and Elijah – this confirmation – that is the basis for Luke 9:51: something has changed, and Jesus’ days are numbered.”

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Written by Monte

February 17, 2007 at 11:39 am

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