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From dissent: peace

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I wrote a few days ago of a new group of British Jews who were determined to tell the truth as they saw it, rather than cave in to pressure to ever agree with Zionist outlooks. As I read this excerpt of a Muslim response, it seems more and more that nationalism and military force and centralization of power (ever threatening dominance here in the USA) are modernist dinosaurs, furiously thrashing about in a final frenzy of self-preservation. Ironically, it appears that those who allow – and even encourage – dissent, find themselves at the front edges of a new thing: the possibility of peace.

Click the title for the whole story at The Independent.

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown: Muslims can learn from this new Jewish group

The IJV is no different from the Muslims now emerging to halt the influence of the Muslim Council

Published: 12 February 2007

… IJV is condemned because it dares to break free and think creatively about what it means to be Jewish in this troubled century. Honest diasporic Jewish people are becoming painfully aware that memories of the Holocaust have been manipulated by fundamentalist Zionists, for whom the only true test of Jewishness is that you support whatever the state of Israel chooses to do, right or appallingly wrong….

In key ways, this breakout faction is no different from the many Muslim challengers emerging to halt the influence of the monolithic…,regressive, self-serving, presumptuous, overweening Muslim Council of Britain, funded for years by the Government without any regard for the hundreds of thousands of British Muslims who have never accepted this informal jurisdiction over our lives and thoughts….

These days the threats feel feeble as the democratic urge gets stronger among British Muslims. Our new organisation, British Muslims for Secular Democracy, to be formally launched this year, is attracting an extraordinary range of people, including young women in hijab. I am delighted that we are only one of a flurry of other nascent collectives which will disagree with each other and us. Between us we can turn compliant Muslim citizens away from monopolistic control to embrace participatory democratic activity. That is our dream.

For reformist Jewish people who seek the same, the pressure not to do so must be that much worse. Already denounced as luvvies, traitors, splitters, and “congenital Israel bashers”, next they will be accused of supporting Palestinian suicide bombers and genocidal anti-Semite exterminators.

I hope IJV remains steady as the winds blow to pull it down. It won’t be easy.

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Written by Monte

February 15, 2007 at 9:28 pm

2 Responses

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  1. Indeed, naj, I agree. Matter of fact, you kind of sketched the motives and controversies of Jesus, who was persecuted by some minority of his countrymen for caring for people at the expense, when need be, of religious practice. And for saying that it was caring for people that was the point.

    Thanks, I think you are exactly right.


    February 23, 2007 at 3:25 pm

  2. I think it is really imperative that the religious and non-religious people of the world stand up and condemn this failth-based political discourse that is devouring our rational ways of life.

    Religion shold belong to hearts, and should motivate human harmony and understanding, forgiveness and generosity and then will come peace.


    February 21, 2007 at 3:28 pm

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