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Republican Ron Paul does his job

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Think how America begins its wars:

Click for larger viewIn the Spanish-American War, the battleship Maine blew up in Havana. We now know the explosion was an accident, but spectacular news coverage convinced Americans that the Spanish were to blame, and politicians found the excuse they sought to pursue economic dominance of Cuba and the Philippines. 200,000 Filipinos would perish.

Think of the outbreak of WWI: the sinking of the British liner Lusitania. Told it was a German atrocity committed against an innocent British passenger vessel, Americans would yield to Presidential war aspirations. We now know it was ladel with tons of munitions: both British and American governments lied.

USS Maddox - click for larger viewThink of Vietnam: Then-Secretary of State McNamara announced: “While on routine patrol in international waters, the U.S. destroyer Maddox underwent an unprovoked attack.” Now we know the Maddox was on an electronic spy mission in Vietnamese territorial waters (the Gulf of Tonkin) and the CIA was attacking coastal facilities. An outraged but deceived American congress granted President Johnson unlimited war powers.

Think of Iraq: Neocons argued for regime change through the ’90s, but lamented the absence of a “Pearl Harbor-type incident” justifying invasion. Then came 9/11. By January, the President had linked 9/11 to Iraq, and told us Iraq was buying nuclear material and manufacturing chemical and biological weapons. In fear and offended patriotism, Congress bowed, war began. Now we know – perhaps a million deaths later – the evidence was inexcusably weak.

What’s outrageous here is not that the evidence wasn’t really there. It’s that the evidence wasn’t there again, and Congress lacked the wisdom to recognize the old pattern and stop it.

Rep. Ron Paul (remarkably, a Republican from Texas) sees the old pattern developing again. Bravely, he speaks before Congress about the inexorable march toward war against Iran, part of which is captured in this 2 minute clip.

Ron Paul – Gulf of Tonkin

This is what Congress is supposed to do.
Let’s pray they do it.

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Written by Monte

January 23, 2007 at 12:36 pm

Posted in Iraq, Politics

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