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Chittister sees re-emergence of America

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Now here’s a hopeful thing. Joan Chittister, writing in the National Catholic Reporter, finds reason for optimism in the midst of America’s national confusions. Breaking-in mid-page:

… Which is exactly why this sad moment is an equally refreshing moment.

The fact is that we are also watching two other things emerge again, which — if we achieve them — however late, however slow they are in coming — this time can be the rebuilding of this country itself.

First, we are watching the whole American concept of checks and balances begin to assert itself. For the first time in years, the Congress is beginning to function again, independently of the executive branch rather than its loyal accolyte, to voice its own concerns and expectations.

Just as we saw the country accept two hotly contested elections in peace, we are now seeing the ship of state beginning, like the aircraft carrier Intrepid in New York Harbor, to be tugged quietly out of the mud of intransigence and single-sightedness and monaural argument that had entombed it there. . . .

Secondly, this great turn-around in foreign policy is coming out of a genuine bipartisan effort, the likes of which this country has been lacking for years. Instead of “Democrats” and “Republicans” — blocs and caucuses, candidates and party leaders — we may be on the verge of having a genuine U.S. Congress again where multiple ways of achieving the same goals get melded in the centripetal forge of an established and time-honored legislative process.

Then, the needs of the country may finally supersede the political posturing of whichever party.

It’s been a long time coming. And, don’t be fooled: it’s not here yet. But at least we have a chance again.

The whole post is worth reading – several more ideas follow, including thoughts on third-parties. Here’s the link: Chittister.

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Written by Monte

December 12, 2006 at 10:26 pm

Posted in Politics, Social change

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