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Now here’s something to think about from Grist (click for the whole story).

Suppose a government was largely funded by big business. And then suppose a situation arose that was dangerous, but possibly very expensive for big business. Is it possible that business might use its influence to make the situation seem less of a threat than it was?

Nah. Surely no serious challenge could be mounted that would obscure obvious data. Ah – but isn’t that just what the tobacco industry did for so long? Remember all those guys in white coats keeping a straight face while telling us tobacco was nothing to get worked up about?

In that light, ponder the case made here regarding global warming:

Out on a Ledge

If global warming is an emergency, then let’s act like it

By Mike Tidwell,14 Nov 2006

On a recent Monday morning, at exactly 8 a.m., a dozen global-warming activists converged in Washington, D.C., at the main entrance to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Will a D.C. protest get the ball rolling?

Will a D.C. protest get the ball rolling?


Two activists dressed as window washers — painter’s hats on, squeegees in hand — carried a 32-foot extension ladder to the building’s main entrance. They ascended the ladder and secured themselves atop a narrow ledge 25 feet above the ground. Within seconds they had unfurled a large banner that read: “Bush: Let NOAA Tell the Truth!”

On the ground, the ladder disappeared while dozens more protesters emerged with placards saying things like “Global Warming = Stronger Hurricanes!” The entrance to a major federal agency, one whose politically appointed leadership has been widely condemned for suppressing scientific climate reports, was effectively occupied. [Click here for the rest of this well-written story.]

Just nuts, at it again?

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November 14, 2006 at 3:36 pm

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