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Nader: Israeli-Palestinian conflict resolvable

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[both Democrat and Republican leaders of Congress] don’t understand that the greatest move toward national security in our country and in the so-called effort against terrorism would be to solve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. . . . This is an eminently resolvable conflict. There’s a lot of former Israeli military and intelligence people who know how to do it, people in the Knesset who know what needs to be done. But as long as the US basically says to whoever is in charge, “You can do whatever you want over there, and we’ll still pump $3 – $4 billion and cluster bomb weapons, etc.,” there’s not going to be a resolution. As long as there’s no resolution, there’s going to be an inflammation increasing all over the Islamic world, and our national security will be compromised.

Ralph Nader, consumer advocate and former Presidential candidate, in Democracy Now! [click here for the whole interview]

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Written by Monte

November 8, 2006 at 7:33 pm

Posted in Iraq, Islam, Politics, Terrorism

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