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Partridge, Greiner think Chesney could reduce inter-gov’t hostility

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I sent an email to many area friends regarding the candidacy of Brooke Chesney, who is running as a “write-in” candidate for Washington, IA, County Attorney. One factor in my support was the endorsement of Jerry Partridge, former County Attorney, whose opinions I trust. Here’s the press release in which his support, and that of Iowa Rep. Sandy Greiner, were announced:


Greiner & Partridge endorse Chesney for County Attorney

In an unusual display of bipartisan cooperation during election season, State Representative Sandy Greiner (R), Keota, and former Washington County Attorney Jerry Partridge (D), Washington, stepped outside their party affiliations to endorse the write in candidacy of Brooke Chesney (I) for Washington County Attorney.
Chesney, a former Assistant Washington County Attorney announced her plans to seek the office as an Independent last week.

Partridge listed several reasons for his endorsement. “Chesney has more experience than either Paul Shearer or Tracy Anderson had when they each were elected County Attorney. She’s a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Augustana College. And one of her highest priorities is to use the county’s mediation ordinance to do what it takes to make local government more functional and less hostile. The ordinance gained national recognition in the 1990’s when it was enacted, but I am unaware that it has been invoked since I left office in 1997. Conflict is a reality for any community that wants to advance the quality of life of its citizens. It can be handled constructively and in ways that promote public trust or it can be played out in media lynchings that make us ashamed of ourselves, our officials, and our community. Few government officials have degrees to do the work they do. They need advisors. I would like to see what a new legal advisor with a fresh agenda can do. That Brooke would work with the Sheriff to use prisoners on community beautification projects and would promote the use of basic Spanish by our law enforcement personnel are also excellent proposals.

Greiner, the highest ranking state elected official in Washington County, said after spending several hours talking with Chesney she felt compelled to ignore party lines and reach out to speak on behalf of Brooke’s candidacy.

“It’s not a closely guarded secret that County and City government has experienced an unusual amount of dissension in recent years”, said Greiner. “Brooke’s desire to eliminate the hostility of the past and to allow prisoners in the County Jail to work outside doing community service work convinced me that I couldn’t just sit on my hands and watch this unfold.

That Chesney’s doing a write-in campaign against an incumbent at this stage in the election season takes real guts. We need more of that in government. This is one of those times when it’s important to put Principle over Politics.
The General Election is Nov. 7.




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Written by Monte

November 1, 2006 at 5:12 pm

Posted in Washington IA

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  1. I’m sorry – how did that election turn out? I shouldn’t be so out of touch, but I am…:-(

    Sad little uninformed me…


    December 8, 2006 at 2:40 pm

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