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Chesney runs for County Attorney in Washington County

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I have written several friends today regarding the candidacy of Brooke Chesney. She is running as a “write-in” for Washington County Attorney. As promised, here are details:

Press Release


My name is Brooke Chesney. I am running as a write-in candidate for the office of Washington County Attorney.


Why I want to run for County Attorney

I love being a prosecuting attorney and I care about the citizens of Washington County. While I could be a prosecutor anywhere in the state, I have specific reasons for wanting to be the Washington County Attorney.


1. The job description of a prosecutor is “to seek justice.” Each day is made meaningful by working with our city and county’s law enforcement, helping victims, and trying cases.


2. One of the exciting discoveries I made after moving here to practice law is that this county and its cities are great places with promising futures.


3. One of the most disappointing discoveries I made is that there is more conflict and hostility among the local government in this county than in any place I have ever worked or lived.


4. It is obvious that the citizens of Washington County are “fed up” with unresolved conflicts involving school boards, county offices, and city officials.


5. The County Attorney is in a key position to “make a difference” to help local government officials resolve conflict. Iowa law provides that: The county attorney shall: “Give advice or a written opinion to the board and other county officers and to school and township officers, when requested by an officer, upon any matters in which the state, county, school, or township is interested…”


6. Not only has the present County Attorney failed to help reduce the conflict, in her dealings with the board, sheriff, and some city councils, she has been a significant contributor to the hostility.


7. I have initiated this “write-in” campaign because there has been too much anger and hostility in local government – enough is enough. If elected, I will use the authority of the County Attorney’s Office to promote openness and trust and constructive dialogue in government, including using the Washington County Mediation Ordinance whenever possible (something never tried by the present County Attorney).

8. Because the County Attorney is the chief law enforcement officer of the county, I would use forfeiture money recovered from criminal enterprises to fund police training for the city and the county officers. One priority would be to provide officers with the National Institute of Justice CD on conversational Spanish for Police.

9. I would review the position of the present County Attorney prohibiting the use of jail inmates to perform community service, a practice that has benefited both the prisoners and the beauty of our community for years.



Professional Background.


I grew up and attended public schools in Dubuque, Iowa. In 2002, I graduated magna cum laude from Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois. I completed my law school studies at Capital University Law School in Columbus, Ohio, where I was the recipient of the Presidential Merit Scholarship. I interned for the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, clerked for a judge in Franklin County (Columbus, Ohio), worked for the Cuyahoga County (Cleveland, Ohio) Prosecutor’s Office, and served on the staff of the National Center for Adoption Law & Policy. In 2005, I returned to Iowa, passed the Iowa state bar exam in July, and accepted a position as Assistant Washington County (Iowa) Attorney in September. I resigned that position effective October 3, 2006.

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Written by Monte

November 1, 2006 at 5:04 pm

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