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Chesney promises mediation, better school and Hispanic relations

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I sent an email to many area friends regarding the candidacy of Brooke Chesney, who is running as a “write-in” candidate for Washington, IA, County Attorney. Here’s Brooke’s flyer:

Write in


Brooke Chesney




Washington County Attorney



I promise to:


1. Employ the Mediation Ordinance if needed.


2. Use county jail inmates to do community service.


3. Promote openness and trust in local government.


4. Spend forfeiture funds on training for officers.


5. Strengthen ties with the schools.


6. Improve relations with the Hispanic community.



Brooke was born and raised in Dubuque, Iowa where her parents run a small food distribution business. Her grandparents farm in southern Dubuque County. She’s the descendant of five generations of hard-working eastern Iowans.


Brooke served as Assistant County Attorney in Washington County for the last year. In that time she has developed a strong working relationship with law enforcement and county personnel. She has truly come to know and care for the people of Washington County and is committed to work with law enforcement for the good of all Washington County residents. Brooke will unite all the best resources available to make things run smoothly. Her strong work ethic, passion for the job, and desire for unity will bring an open door back to the position of county attorney.


Now you have a choice. Write in Brooke Chesney for County Attorney. Brooke for the people – working together for the good of Washington County.

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Written by Monte

November 1, 2006 at 5:20 pm

Posted in Washington IA

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