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Lou Ann on the way home

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Lou Ann Lou Ann and team left Zhalantun on Wednesday, traveled by train to Beijing, and spent some of Thursday touring in Beijing. Friday and Saturday (today) are travel-to-the-States days. Here are her requests:

– Pray that the team will be open and receptive to what the Lord is trying to teach them and how he is changing their hearts and lives

– Pray for flights to run on schedule, connections to be made, luggage to make it

– Pray for health of team, who will be fighting off jet lag and returning to work, many with extra work to do

– Pray that the team will share well what God has done

– for the team’s “returning home” Bible studies and for the Lord’s mighty work in their hearts and minds as they realize we cannot out-give “the Giver” nor can we do anything without him.

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Written by Monte

October 21, 2006 at 2:06 pm

Posted in Religion

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