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One of war’s tough questions

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In a difficult journey of conscience, soldier Agustin Aguayo tells DemocracyNow! interviewer Amy Goodwin of his decision to turn himself in to the military – risking up to five years imprisonment – rather than return to Iraq. Whew!

Agustin AguayoThey told me, you know, ‘You’re a soldier, and you have to be willing and ready to fire, destroy, if necessary.’ So I had a great deal of trouble with that at that moment in my life. I felt that the experiences up to that point culminated in me asking, “Is this right? Is this moral? Is this what God wants?” And at that moment, I said, “No, I can’t. . . .”

Click here for the interview; click the pic for Aguayo’s website.

What’s your reaction?

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Written by Monte

September 26, 2006 at 12:10 pm

Posted in Iraq, Terrorism

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