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Call to Worship for August 6, 06

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CTW for Proper B 18 by Georgann Haeffner, used at New Oaks on August 6, 2006 (thank you, Georgann!):

Good morning!

We have come, sinners all, to worship our God and Savior today.

Our God, who is merciful.

Our God, whose love is unfailing.

Our God, who is compassionate. Oh, praise Him today!

The blood of Jesus blots out the stains of our sins. It purifies us from our sins. His blood cleanses us, washes till we are whiter than snow. Let’s praise Him for this most impossible of miracles!!

And He’s not done yet!

Then, He creates in each of us a clean heart.

He gives us a right spirit.

He restores our joy.

And get this: He helps us be willing to obey Him!

If He never did another thing for us in all of our lives, we could praise Him forever just for these!

But He has!! He has done even more!! Do you know what He does in us? He gives us the desire to be honest in our hearts and then, He teaches us to be wise in our inmost beings!

We have so much to praise Him for!

Let your worship ring out today!!


Written by Monte

August 7, 2006 at 5:03 pm

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