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Ministerial Credentials Update, June 15 ’06

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Greetings, Iowa District Licensed Ministers:

It was great fun visiting with candidates at the annual interviews. I hope it was spiritually fruitful to you.

Here’s an update on Ministerial Credentials Board actions. Please excuse my delay – I’d hoped to have it to you a couple of weeks ago.

1. TA-DAA! Saturday, May 19, 2007: Next year’s annual interviews. Please put this on your calendar today. You can even predict the date for future years. Our plan is to meet each spring on the third Saturday of May.

2. Integrity: Now that we’re both up to speed, may I make this gentle reminder? Please do remember that being in touch annually is part of the commitment you made to the Church of the Nazarene. Here it is in from Manual:

427.3. A minister’s license shall terminate with the close of the next district assembly. It may be renewed by vote of the district assembly, provided (1) that the candidate for renewal shall file with the district assembly [that is, in our case, via the Credentials Board] the Application for Minister’s License carefully filled in; and provided (2) that the candidate shall have completed at least two courses in a validated course of study; and provided (3) that the candidate has been recommended for the renewal of license by the church board of the local church of which he or she is a member [unless serving as the senior pastor], upon the nomination of the pastor. In case, however, he or she shall not have passed a validated course of study required, the license may be renewed by the district assembly only upon submission of a written explanation for this failure. Such explanation shall be satisfactory to the District Ministerial Credentials Board and approved by the general superintendent presiding. … —Nazarene Manual 2005-2009

I’ll do my best to help you fulfill your responsibility by letting you know what’s coming early-on. Please meet me halfway: Keep me up-to-date if your e-mail address changes, and write anytime you’re wondering about what you need to be doing. Be in touch.

3. Security: All applications submitted to me have been carefully filed. Extra copies – since they contain Social Security numbers – have been shredded.

4. Ordination service: Our annual ordination service takes place on Friday, July 14, 2006, at 7:30, at the District Campgrounds. First-time licensees are usually recognized during this service also. Congratulations to both groups!

5. Recommendations: Here are the actions taken thus far. If your name is in blue, something is still needed to complete your application, and the recommendation made by the board is tentative, based on the assumption that it will be taken care of soon. See the footnotes for a description of what’s needed. If your name is in green, a one-time special exemption was applied.

Please send signed documents to Monte Asbury, 405 E. 14th St., Washington, IA 52353. Send me an e-mail if you have any questions – I’ll be glad to help if I am able. Please do let me know if you see any mistakes.

Recommendations to the District Assembly

We recommend the following be elected to elder’s ordersCharles Eugene Corns, William Michael Foss1, Robert Max Hamman II, Kenneth E. Smith.

We recommend the following be granted minister’s licensesMichael J. De Haan, Victoria Annette Hagedorn.

We recommend the following be granted renewal of minister’s licenseDebra Darlene Anesi2, Sharon Irene Armstrong, Esther Elizabeth Brown, Christopher Lee Burgett, James Chamblee, Charles Eugene Corns, Benjamin C. DeLong, William Michael Foss, James Gauer, Tammy Gauer, Christopher Matthew Gonzalez2, Robert Max Hamman, II, Daniel V. Hardcastle2, Adam Jantz2, Dana Jay Jurgens6, Scott Landon, James H. Leatherwood, Elizabeth Renae Messamer2, Brent Michael Myers3,6, Celeste Fern Norman6, Michael Eugene Owsley3,6, Virgil Edward Peck, III4,6, Rick G. Rigney5,6, Brent Edward Smith, Kenneth E. Smith, Joshua Paul Vance, Nancy Rae Kelso Weikal.

1 Pending completion of your remaining two courses by Assembly

2 I have your application, but I don’t have a local church recommendation form, signed by the pastor and church board secretary of the church where your membership is held. A blank form is attached. Please mail the completed form to me ASAP, at the above address.

3 I have an e-mail copy of your application, but I need hard-copy with your signature on it.

4 Heads-up: I have nothing from you. Please get me a completed hard-copy application with your signature ASAP and a completed local church recommendation form signed by your pastor and church board secretary ASAP. Renewal of your license may depend upon your quick action.

5 Heads-up: I have nothing from you. Please get me a completed hard-copy application with your signature on it ASAP. Renewal of your license may depend upon your quick action.

6 Due to unusual circumstances, you were given a one-time exemption from interviewing in person.

Please do say hello if we run into each other at District Assembly – or any other time. And if I have trouble with your name, have patience – I really do want to remember!

And please do drop by my blog anytime: <>. I’ll post this letter there, so you can look it up later if you need to. More than that, comments from you on anything posted there (not just the Credentials pages) would be treasures to me.

And so, may God richly, richly bless your walk with him, your love to those near you and those far away, and the words of instruction you are privileged to give in the year to come.

Best wishes,

Monte Asbury, Secretary

Board of Ministerial Credentials

Iowa District

Written by Monte

June 15, 2006 at 2:19 pm

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  1. Monte – I just found your blog by chance and wanted to make sure everything is current for me. I didn’t recieve the church form here, but I did recieve my license this past week. We are well and I’m looking forward to starting classes in a couple of weeks. Bobby is working steadily and Lydia has started walking. We are staying pretty busy and trying to enjoy what little down time we have. Take care and I’ll be checking in from time to time. Darlene

    Darlene Anesi

    August 11, 2006 at 12:14 pm

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