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Adela's post – the one I recommended yesterday here – reminded me in the night of something.

Mother TeresaMy wife, Lori, gave me this small stone a year or two ago.  I was learning how profoundly my concepts of greatness had taken their cue from this world's values:  getting big, being influential, doing much.  But when I opened my Bible, there was Jesus, walking around doing good.  Content.  Serving.  Loving well.  Using whatever came his way to love the Father and people around him.  And these words of Mother Teresa rang so true:   Do no great things, only small things with great love.
I often envision heroism as something done in one final famous act:  the cross, for instance.  But in my life – as in most of Jesus's – discipleship does not call for "do-or-die" actions.  It's more like "Do.  Do this small thing.  Do it with tenderness and enjoy it if you can.  Use it to let Me teach you.  And then get some rest and we'll do something else tomorrow and the next day." 

Could it be that by these small mustard-seeds the Kingdom of God gets planted on the earth?   Could it be that heroism is more often about loving care given to others than fearless showdowns? 

Could it be that the character I need to face heroic confrontations – should they ever come – is built in daily tenderness?

Could it be that the daily, difficult tendernesses are the essence of heroism for me?


Written by Monte

June 9, 2006 at 9:21 am

Posted in Discipleship, Jesus, Worry

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