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Information letter for applicants

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Greetings to those applying to the Iowa District Ministerial Credentials Board!

Our May 13 annual interviews are just around the corner. Several innovations should speed you on your way. I hope you find them helpful.

  1. We meet this year by appointment. You'll not need to spend the day. See “How To …” below for information on scheduling your interview.
  2. Ministerial Studies and Ministerial Credentials Boards will both be represented on the interview sub-committees. You'll only need one meeting this year, rather than two.
  3. Application forms may be filled out electronically and emailed to me. Just today, I discovered some of our forms were out of date. If you have had a nonworking form, you'll find replacements attached to this email. Directions below.
  4. We're convening on a Saturday in hopes of reducing possible loss of income to those who hold weekday employment

Click on "read the rest of this entry" to see further details.

Here are things you need to know or do:

Meeting details: Saturday, May 13, 9:00 A.M. through early afternoon, at Eastside Church of the Nazarene, 1451 E. 25th St., Des Moines. I hope to be at the welcome desk just inside the parking lot entrance to welcome you and answer any questions that remain. Peace,my friend!

Who should attend: All who hold or are applying for a District Minister's license are required by our Manual to appear annually. Exceptions should be approved by the District Superintendent (copy me in, please). Spouses should attend if the candidate is applying for ordination. Those holding a local church license but not applying for a District license need not come: their accountability is to their local church.

Applications: Applications should be in my hands on or before May 6. They may be emailed to <> or sent via US mail to Monte Asbury, 405 E. 14th Street, Washington, IA 52353. See “How to …”, below, for instructions on filling in the electronic forms.

Recommendations: If you are not a pastor, you need a recommendation form from your local church.


1. Yours: On your application (even if previously emailed), which should be printed, signed, and delivered to me. You may bring it with you on the 13th if you have emailed it by the 6th.

2. Your pastor's and your church board secretary's: On your church's recommendation (if you are not a pastor) which is to be printed, signed, and delivered to me. You may bring it with you on the 13th.

Please be aware that these signatures are the responsibility of the candidate (i.e, “My pastor didn't …” is not helpful). Missing signatures so diminish the credibility of the process that I am unable to promise you an interview if you appear without them.

Topic: Each year, we focus on a different main topic during interviews. While first-time applicants and ordination candidates should expect discussion to cover a wider range of issues, this year's conversation with renewal candidates will focus on the minister's personal finances.

Manual: Please be sure that you have read sections 400 through 438.5 in the new Manual. This will increase your confidence about how the process works and bring you up-to-date on changes made at last year's quadrennial General Assembly.

Friends, it is an honor to serve you as we follow Jesus together. I hope you will find this process supportive and helpful. Please don't hesitate to offer your suggestions and ask your questions as we proceed.

The “How-to” section is just below.

Sincere best wishes,

Monte Asbury, Secretary

Iowa District Board of Ministerial Credentials


1. How to schedule your appointment:

a. on-line: visit my Weblog at Look down the right-hand sidebar, and click on the category called “Iowa District Ministerial Credentials.” There you'll find a copy of this letter and a document called “Appointments.” You'll find directions there.

b. by phone or mail: Call or write me. I'll try to put you as close to your preference as possible.

Note: If I don't have a request from you by the 6th, I'll choose a time for you.

[By the way, I welcome your fellowship anytime on anything you find on my blog.]

2. How to fill in the online forms (from the Office of the General Secretary):

These forms are in Adobe Acrobat and Word format. You will the need one of these programs. If you are going to use Adobe Acrobat Reader (which we recommend) you will need to download the latest version to fill out the forms. The Adobe Acrobat Reader and updates are free to download from You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader version 7, which is the latest release. You will be able to fill out the forms on the computer, and print them or e-mail them (you must use the “action” buttons at the top of the page to print or e-mail). You will not be able to save the files in Adobe. You will only be able to print the form. Please proof the form before you close the file. If you choose to use the Word format you will be able to fill in, print, and save these files. But please remember to change the name of the file or you will lose the original form.
Navigation in the forms:

* Use the tab key or mouse to move from one field to another. (both)

* Please click in the Yes/No, Male/Female etc. check boxes. (both)

* Only Print or E-mail by using the “action” buttons on the top of the page (Adobe only)

* There are currently lines in case someone wishes to fill out the form by hand, once you type in the form the lines go away. (Word only)

* Remember to save your files under a different name. If you do not do this, your original form will now always be a copy of one particular minister’s information. (Word only)

* You must sign the forms. Do not type your name on the Signature line.


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April 26, 2006 at 12:00 pm

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