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Worship plans for Sunday

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Down below is the form I’m considering for this week’s gathering.

The worship band is finishing up an exhilarating new song called Indescribable. And since the Scriptures for the week are telling us about the covenant God made with Noah, let’s have communion together: “This cup is the new covenant in my blood,” Jesus says.

At the moment, it seems like a time to talk about how great the thing is that God has done for us. I’ll call my part This is not normal – the point being that my life was not headed in this good direction, and all the things I love most would not have been a part of it, had not Jesus Christ invaded my heart with his love. See how Indescribable fits?

Here’s the structure, unless someone sees a better plan:

That’s Why We Praise Him

Your Great Name We Praise


Prayer – Sharon


Message: This is not normal!

(Genesis 9:8-17; Psalm 25:1-10; 1 Peter 3:18-22; Mark 1:9-15)




Blessing – Sharon

Thanks! I love you!



Written by Monte

March 3, 2006 at 12:04 pm

Posted in Worship planning

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