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Have you seen Adela’s latest? This one reminds me of something my friend Sharon has often said: “I find myself doing the things I used to do – but for different reasons.” It’s lovely writing and so wonderfully representative of how God works. Adela writes from Kalona, you know, and sometimes leaves comments here as Amy. Click on the title to visit:

Spiritual knots in my stomach

… I took refuge in religious fundamentalism. I found rules and I obeyed them – no dancing, no drugs, no doubts. People gave me easy answers. No need to face God and ask, “Why?!” when you have all the answers, right?

Then on Sojourners this week was a daring challenge to honesty and openness. Check out Titilayo Tinubo. Again, click on the title: Naked and unashamed.

Here’s what Sharon wrote about it:  You are soooo right, I like it a lot. . . Believe it or not, sometimes I doubt … I need to hear, see others find the beauty. The “Yes” of God within them. My My it seems we are not alone. … This is the opposite of smelling like smoke. This smells like.. … freshly thawed earth, puppy’s breath, Lilacs. How important is it that we tell our stories? Life and death?


Written by Monte

February 25, 2006 at 12:22 pm

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  1. Monte,

    Thanks for your kind words and for the wonderful community you’re building here. It’s always good to see how God is moving on his people’s hearts in very different, yet harmonious ways.

    Best and blessings,

    Titilayo Tinubu
    (note the spelling of the last name. it’s ok, people do it all of the time!) :-)


    March 2, 2006 at 10:01 pm

  2. Thanks for putting these links here. Both were excellent and thought-provoking.


    February 25, 2006 at 5:58 pm

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