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Oho! Last night about midnight I could suddenly see how these four Scriptures fit together. It was an “Of course!” moment – made more delightful by the fact that I was really wondering if we’d found a lectionary misprint. They just didn’t seem to click! But watch how simple it is:

1. The Psalm: a story of someone who has it all together, life falls apart, he seeks God earnestly, and God tenderly puts him back together.

It’s like an introduction to:

2. OT – The Naaman story: someone who has it all together, life falls apart, he puts himself out to seek God, is almost deterred by his own egotism, but God tenderly puts him back together. See the Psalm?

And “leprosy” (used to describe many skin diseases) forms the bridge to:

3. Gospel – Jesus heals a man with leprosy: This time, the story starts further in – the loss has already happened – but here again is a person who puts himself out on a limb of trust and urgency to implore Jesus’ help. And he, too, ends up restored.

Now the leprosy theme falls away, but the core of the story goes to a higher level:

4. NT: Doesn’t this exhortation of Paul sum up the hearts of all three previously described? He sees himself, and now, though not in desperate straits, determines not to let up at seeking all the “healing” he can get. He is illuminated enough to see his need for God even though he isn’t in despair. He seeks, not for relief of a torment, but for more of the goodness he’s been privileged to taste.

Oh, yeah! I can feel this pouring energy into my own pursuit of God. Can’t wait to share it tomorrow morning. I’ll post it on Monday.

Can’t tell you how much your comments have broadened my vision this week. I feel like a jeweler holding a diamond, watching the facets flash as different sides catch the light. I hope they’ve been as great a blessing to you as they have to me. I’m not sure I’d be at this point if you hadn’t added what you did. You kept the Scripture on my mind, where I could reflect on it at a moment’s notice (especially, if you want to know, it seemed to be easy to think in the shower!). In creating each of the parts, I’ll be reviewing your thoughts again and again.

I love it! Thanks!


Written by Monte

February 11, 2006 at 12:41 pm

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  1. Hi Monte,
    This works!! I received the e-mail that led me here.

    Next week seems obscure to me – how they fit together. I’m still looking for a string. There is one small light that I’ll persue into the nature of God. One facet is twinkling. I’m expecting connections to form today as I listen/worship.
    Transfiguration sunday and then lent…. Seems like there should be a string there also, or is it just an accident of the callender?
    Thanks for the time you take on this blog.


    February 12, 2006 at 8:25 am

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